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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that my doctor will not find out what I said about him or her?
RankMyDentist allows patients to remain completely anonymous when they rank their doctor, so they can be completely honest.
What do I do if my Dentist or Practice are not in the database?
RankMyDentist uses a national database of licensed dentists and practices that are updated at intervals. If for some reason your dentist or practice are not on the list, please use our Recommend form to let us know. We will make sure to verify the legitimacy of your recommendation, they will be added upon verification.
How reliable are the rankings on RankMyDentist?
RankMyDentist is a site for patients, by patients. It is only as reliable as the people who use it. To assist you in evaluating the rankings about a given dentist or practice, RankMyDentist tells you how many patients have ranked them. If a dentist or practice has only one or two positive reviews, such reviews may not be very reliable. When evaluating other patients' recommendations pay particular attention to the number of reviews, review language, time posted, dental treatment duration (days, months, years) and treatment specifics. Remember, the more positive or negative reviews that dentist or practice has, the more reliable those reviews are. Note, if you had relied on other patients' recommendations and, in your opinion, they turned out to be inaccurate, come back and share your experience with other patients. Your feedback assists others in selecting a dentist.
Does RankMyDentist give this information to my Dentist or Practice?
Anyone, dentists and practices included, are able to go to RankMyDentist and view the rankings of dentists and practices, including themselves. This is part of the purpose of RankMyDentist - to improve dental care by letting dentists and practices see how their patients rate them.
What is RankMyDentist? is a world wide website application for storing and ranking Dentists and Practices. This application allows the ability to create a database of Dentists and Practices which can be viewed and searched through, by consumers, to help them pick the Best and Safest Dentist. Patient reviews, and their personal feedback, of dentists and practices can help you when selecting a new dentist or practice. You can also post your dental questions and receive dental advice from interested dentists in your location.
Who ranks these Dentists and Practices?
RankMyDentist does not itself review or rank dentists and practices. All reviews on RankMyDentist are written and published by patients.
How do I rank and review Dentists or Practices?
Dentist and practice rankings are based upon opinions expressed voluntarily by patients in their reviews. The more often a dentist or practice receives positive reviews, the higher their ranking will be. This ranking system ensures that dentists and practices cannot achieve a perfect score on the basis of only one or two perfect reviews. Dentists and practices are ranked on a scale from 0 to 5. Also those who have not received any reviews have no ranking.
Can I post multiple reviews about the same dentist or practice?
No. Your subsequent reviews about the same dentist or practice are considered to be "spam". We may remove such reviews. Reviews posted by other members of your family must be sufficiently different to your review. Otherwise we will presume that they were duplicate reviews posted by yourself.
Can I post multiple reviews for different dentists or practices?
Yes. We encourage you to do so. Remember you cannot post more than 1 review per any one dentist or practice.
Can I post a negative review about a dentist or practice?
Yes. When posting negative comments about dentists or practices avoid making allegations of dental malpractice, insurance fraud or other serious malfeasance without valid determination or proof. RankMyDentist is not a State Dental Board and will not investigate the truth or merit of contentious claims and counter-claims made by patients. Additionally, you may not post reviews that are false, malicious, offensive or specifically intending to cause damage to a dentist's personal or professional reputation, beyond offering your opinion of that dentist's and practice's service or skill.
My review was not posted. Why?
RankMyDentist has an obligation to patients who are relying on other patients' reviews when selecting a new dentist or practice to ensure authenticity, reliability and quality of reviews. RankMyDentist will not post: 1. submissions that are too brief or that have little or no information about dental treatment you received; 2. submissions that contain commercial material; 3. submissions that appear to be "too good to be true" or "too bad to be true"; 4. user opinions that are based on a single dental evaluation or visit. Additionally, reviews posted by the dentist's family, friends, or business associates are not objective and are considered to be "spam".
My review was posted, but later it was removed. Why?
If RankMyDentist was informed that your review was false, offensive or harassing in nature or otherwise violated our Terms of Use, we removed it.
Why can't I add a review for my Dentist or Practice?
You must be a registered user to and reviews for dentists and practices. To become a registered user go to
How do I know that my Dentist or Practice will not find out what I said about them?
RankMyDentist allows patients to remain completely anonymous when they rank their dentist or practice, so they can be completely honest.
My profile information is incorrect. How can I change it?
RankMyDentist will remove incorrect information upon request from a dentist or practice. However RankMyDentist does not update individual dentists' or practices' profiles. It is their responsibility to maintain accuracy of their profiles. RankMyDentist advises that dentists and practices claim their profile, so that they can modify it themselves at anytime.
Remove my profile ASAP! I did not agree to be listed here.
We do not remove dentists' and practices' public information. Just like with other directories and search engine services that may publicly list your name, your consent for inclusion of your name and specialty in our directory listings is not required. Your name and dental specialty is public information that has been made available to the general public by your State Dental Board for the purposes of verification of your dental license by patients. If you have retired, we can remove your profile. To have your outdated practice information removed from RankMyDentist please contact us via email at
Who are "Top Ranked" Dentists and Practices and why are their information being displayed?
RankMyDentist feels strongly about providing patients with information about dentists and practices in their communities who receive high patient rankings. RankMyDentist will display information about high ranking dentists in your community on the homepage, so depending on your location you will be able to see who the top ranked dentists and practices are.
How can I remove a negative review?
If you feel that a review is not representative of the overall patient experience in your practice or of yourself, then you should encourage your patients to post more reviews to create a more objective representation. A review that may be false or offensive can have a request for removal by clicking on the "Flag" button next to the review. A RankMyDentist official will be alerted and will examine the situation. Please note, no payment is required to register and request removal of a review.
Can dentists manipulate their ratings?
RankMyDentist has following fraud prevention practices to discourage dentists from manipulating their rating: * RankMyDentist makes an effort to ensure that each user only posts 1 review for each dental practitioner. * Dentists do not have the ability to post any reviews or patient testimonials about themselves. All reviews must be posted by patients. * Reviews posted by the dentist's family, friends, employees and business associates are not objective and are considered to be "spam". We may remove them. * Negative reviews posted by competing dentists, their family or employees are not objective and are considered to be "spam". We may remove them. * Reviews with little supporting detail that are 'too good to be true' are considered to be "spam" and we may remove them. * RankMyDentist may audit dentist reviews by contacting all posters and requesting them to provide additional information about their reviews. If more than half of posters posting reviews for your listing do not confirm their reviews, your listing may be suspended. * RankMyDentist may, without warning, change dentist or practice ranking, delete reviews and suspend any profile whose reviews, in our judgment, appear to have been manipulated.
My emails from RankMyDentist are sent to my Junk Email folder. How can I fix this?
If you are using Windows Mail right-click on the email in question, select "Junk E-Mail", then click "Mark as Not Junk". If you are using web mail such as Gmail, Yahoo or AOL go into Junk E-mail settings and update your Junk email settings accordingly.
How can I add my photo to my profile?
Dentists, practices and patients can all add their photo to their profile, through their control panel. To add your photo log into your profile and click on "Edit Personal Info" then click on "Upload photo".
How can I change my current location?
RankMyDentist makes it more convenient to search and find dentists and practices within your area. If you wish to change your current location go to the homepage and select "Change Your Location" (this can be found right below your current location).
How can I ask a Dentist a question?
Only registered patients can contact dentists. When you go to a dentists profile, on the top right, you will see the link "Contact Me". This will allow you to communicate with that dentist via private messaging. You will also be notified when you have received a message in your control panel inbox.
How can I request an appointment?
Only registered patients can request appointments from dentists and practices. When you are on a either profile, on the top right, you will see a "Request Appointment" link. Once selected you will be prompted to fill out a form which will be sent out and reviewed by the dentist or practice.
4 Methods to Help You to Find a Dentist:
If you move, your dentist retires, or you simply do not like your dentist, you may need to find a dentist. This task can be daunting with the potential of awful results. Above all, you want to avoid experiencing one of the many horror stories you hear about. Our website helps you locate a doctor you can be happy with for years to come. We offer several services including the following four methods:
One Stop for Searches
One of the most difficult aspects of locating a new doctor, is knowing which doctors or practices are available in your area. Using our website, you can perform a search for doctors who practice in or near a city or zip code of your choice.
Recommend a Top Dentist or Practice
If you have an excellent doctor you like, you can recommend his or her practice be put in our database. This helps others like you who are trying to find a dentist.
Compare Dentists
When you are making this type of a decision, it is important to look at more than one dentist. By comparing two or more dentists side by side, it is easy to see which one meets your needs best. For example, you can check out their hours, whether they work with children, if they specialize in any services, etc. Moreover, you can get a lot of valuable information when you read the dentist reviews written by current or previous patients.
Participate in Discussion Boards
Looking through and participating in our discussion boards helps you become informed and assist you in coming up with questions you may want to ask your doctor.
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