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Implant Vs Root Canal
Since the invention of dental implants by Dr. Branemark over 30 year ago we have come a long way in successfully restoring missing teeth with titanium based implants. New designs and computer guided surgeries have virtually made the process error free with remarkable results and longevity. If you are trying to decided between repeating a root canal or undergo extensive surgeries to save a periodontally infected tooth, I would recommend consider Implants as viable long-term solution.

As good as implants have become, there are still some factors to consider that would help ensure a successful result. Not all implants are the same and with over 100 systems out there you have to be aware of what is working and their advantages.

Here is a short list of must have features:

  • They have to be titanium based with a sand blasted and acid etched surface.This is whats will help the implant integrate with your bone.
  • Just like a car or any other product you want to stick with reputable brands such as Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Astra, Implant Direct and AB Dental. Most of these companies use similar patents and have trustworthy manufacturing processes to create quality products. They will also most likely be around so when you need parts for your implants it won't be hard to find.
  • Platform Switching. This is technical term that refers to a difference in the size of the neck of the implant and the size of the attached crown section that inserts into the implant. You want the neck of the implant to be slightly wider.
  • Use a doctor that takes a CBCT Scan and preferably uses a guided surgical stent. CT scan is a crucial part in this process. With proper imaging studies, your doctor will be able to identify crucial landmarks and sensitive parts of your bone and with the aide of a surgical guide he or she can place your implant in a predictable manner. Think of it as having a Tesla AutoPilot with GPS navigation vs. a Thomas Guide!

These are four simple tips to consider while you're considering placing an implant. There are many more factors to consider that could impact the success of an implant such as diabetes or smoking. You can always consult with us or your doctor to learn more about this subject and find out if you're a good candidate.

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