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About Us is a worldwide website application and online information reference base revolutionizing the face of Dentistry for patients, dentists and practices.

Who We Are

Inspired by parents who work in the field of dentistry, the three Rubinshtein brothers created in 2009, a website dedicated to educating both patients and dentists.

They hoped that the site would help facilitate interactions between patients who seek treatment and doctors who provide care. Therefore, they set out to create a site that would inform the public about oral health and dentistry, while also giving patients an opportunity to seek second opinions. To achieve this goal, they developed a grading system in which the patient would be able to rate the dentist based on certain criteria. Throughout the three years of the site's development, the brothers conducted surveys and requested feedback from dental professionals and patients, this helped assure that the site would be beneficial to all users. has grown considerably and continues to do so in accordance with the brothers surplus of exciting ideas. There is much more in store, so stay on for the ride.

What We Do

It is speculated that four out of ten Americans have a dentist they go to. Out of those four, only one goes to the dentist on a quarter annual basis. Six out of ten Americans do not have a dentist because of phobia, price, time, and other problems. RankMyDentist urges patients to educate themselves in the field of dentistry so that they can ask questions and become well-aware of the ins and outs of their oral health. The objective of the site is to remove the fear and apprehensiveness of visiting the dentist. Letting patients know what to expect at each practice through other patients’ experiences, helps them find the best dentist for their needs.

Our Mission

In today’s modern era, the Internet in many ways is the driving force behind a successful business. According to recent studies, nearly all consumers go online to research products and services before making a purchase.

In an effort to bring dental and oral health awareness to everyone, gives people access to data, reviews and rankings of dentists and their practices to find the best one for them. At, consumers can search and research dentists and their services, survey reviews and rankings of specific practices and practitioners, and post their own reviews or experiences. For practices looking to increase clientele, dentists and practices can learn their strengths and grow in fields which they themselves did not know they were weak in.

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4 Methods to Help You to Find a Dentist:
If you move, your dentist retires, or you simply do not like your dentist, you may need to find a dentist. This task can be daunting with the potential of awful results. Above all, you want to avoid experiencing one of the many horror stories you hear about. Our website helps you locate a doctor you can be happy with for years to come. We offer several services including the following four methods:
One Stop for Searches
One of the most difficult aspects of locating a new doctor, is knowing which doctors or practices are available in your area. Using our website, you can perform a search for doctors who practice in or near a city or zip code of your choice.
Recommend a Top Dentist or Practice
If you have an excellent doctor you like, you can recommend his or her practice be put in our database. This helps others like you who are trying to find a dentist.
Compare Dentists
When you are making this type of a decision, it is important to look at more than one dentist. By comparing two or more dentists side by side, it is easy to see which one meets your needs best. For example, you can check out their hours, whether they work with children, if they specialize in any services, etc. Moreover, you can get a lot of valuable information when you read the dentist reviews written by current or previous patients.
Participate in Discussion Boards
Looking through and participating in our discussion boards helps you become informed and assist you in coming up with questions you may want to ask your doctor.
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